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Magnetic meters do not require any power supply. They are small, handy and have many years of failure-free use. Our tests are the result of many years of experience. While producing these devices our company uses the highest quality materials so that our products have a long life without any breakdowns. AUTO-LAK-TEST (ALT BIT 3003 & ALT TOP) is a tester which is used to detect layers of lacquer on automotive vehicles, which are invisible to the naked eye. We check if a car has been involved in an accident and if the lacquer is original. It is much easier to negotiate a better price when we can state that the vehicle has hidden body defects. The purchase price of the TESTER can be repaid with the first purchase of a used car. The tester has a shape of a small pen (10 mm of thickness, 100 mm of length). It is made of aluminum alloys and other high quality of materials resistant to normal mechanical factors, weather conditions and oil-derivative products.



  1. Is your lacquer original?
  2. How many layers of lacquer.
  3. Which elements were replaced or lacquered.
  4. Which elements were “dressed”, straightened and then filled.
  5. The thickness of the trowel.
  6. Are they telling you the truth.


Blue â€“ layer thickness up to 100 um – thin lacquer layer. (the lacquer is laid without a ground coat, polished.)
Green â€“ layer thickness up to 100 – 200 um – for original lacquers.
Yellow â€“ layer thickness up to 200 – 300 um – after lacquer repairs (second lacquer)
Red â€“ layer thickness up to 300 – 520 um – surfaces after tinsmith repairs (a trowel+2 lacquers)
Black â€“ layer thickness up to 520 – 750 um – surfaces after filling and lacquering. (trowel amount around 0,5 mm)


  1. The edges of mudguards and doors.
  2. Pit bottoms – front and back.
  3. The roof above doors and windows.
  4. Headlight areas.
  5. The edges of bonnets and boots.
  6. The areas by bumpers.
  7. Bonnet floors.


  1. The scale in the microns (the tester is the meter!!!)
  2. Color scale (it makes the measure easier – one does not have to look for a car with an original lacquer or an original place, as it is possible that there is no such place)
  3. It has a globular magnetic tip (it levels the partly not perpendicular appliance of the tester to the tested surface)
  4. Hermetic plug (the tester does not get dirty and catch iron filings)
  5. The measuring precision is from 20 to 25 microns (the test should be conducted according to the instruction manual)

Is the measure precise?
Each measure should be conducted with the same speed – not fast, the tester should be held by the yellow tip, after having practiced the use of the tester, one can measure with precision of around 10 microns. Our testers are one of the most precise magnetic testers.

Are the testers disposable?
No. They can be used for many years.

Do the testers break?
No. Most often the users break them, because they want to check what is inside.

Does the tester damage the lacquer during a measure?
No. The tip of the tester is rounded and polished. The tester can scratch the lacquer only when we will move the taster through the lacquer and some sand or dust will be between it. There is no evidence that the testers scratch the lacquer and many attempts have been taken.

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